Friday, November 16, 2012

All Is Well

I met Lydia in the recovery room and she was wide awake.  She had already had two popsicles by the time I got to her and was starting on her third.  They took us up to a room and the nurses checked her and gave her fluids through her IV.  By that time, she wanted to be "bobo-ed" (Chinese for "hold me"), so we snuggled for a while and watched another episode of Sesame Street.  She spit up a little of her popsicle, but not much.  We were able to leave the hospital at a little after 12pm. 

She stayed awake in the car on the way home and wanted more popsicles when we got home.  She had that and some chicken broth.  I wasn't sure how much I wanted to give her...really I didn't want it to come back up! 

We put her down for a nap at about 2pm and when Brian went to check on her a half-hour later, she was laying in bed wide awake!  She and Baba read for a little bit and then we watched some TV.  She was acting like her "normal" self, so we decided to go to the library for a few DVD's to keep her occupied.  : )

We are just finishing a yummy supper from one of my friends and Lydia is looking a little tired.  I think she might sleep good tonight.  : )

The doctor said that her ring finger wasn't pinking up, so please pray that it will be ok.  We won't know anything until she has her cast removed in about a month.  I'll try to keep you updated!

All Done

Dr. Daley just came to tell us that he is all done with Lydia's surgery.  They were able to separate all of her fingers.  He said that her ring finger that was under her middle finger wasn't doing very well.  When the other fingers were pinking up, that one was turning purple.  He said that he's hoping it's spasms, but there is a possibility that it won't make it.  They had to take a skin graft, but they took it from her arm, under the cast, so all the pain will be in the same place.  He said we'll have to come back in a month to take the cast off and at that time, he'll be able to tell us more.  Because her middle finger has so much bulk, it will need to have another surgery to remove some of that - maybe sometime in January or February.  He said that her hand was about as complicated as it gets.  I'm so thankful that God gave him such wonderful skills.

Surgery Started

Lydia went into the OR at about 8am this morning.  She went through all the preliminary exams very easily.  They had Sesame Street on in the waiting room, so she liked that a lot.  We met the surgeon and anesthesiologist and the OR  nurse.  Everyone was great.  Last night we read a book about going to the hospital and Lydia was so excited about the bed with wheels.  I told her that Mama and Baba weren't going to be able to go with her, but she didn't care.  We prayed with her right before she left and off she went as happy as can be.  : )

Here are some pictures from this morning!

Ready to go to the hospital.

Lydia and the anesthesiologist resident.

Getting checked out!

Lydia and Wong on the bed with wheels with the OR nurse. : )

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A New Hand

Tomorrow morning at 7am, we will be arriving at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee for a surgery that will change our daughter's life.  As most of you know, Lydia was born with webbed fingers on her right hand, a condition called syndactyly, caused by amniotic banding syndrome.  We knew this when we adopted her.  At the time, we did not know what would be able to be done for her.  Her doctor, Dr. Phelan, had looked over Lydia's medical records before we adopted her and knew of her condition.  Another of Dr. Phelan's patients had a baby who was born with the same condition.  She did research on the surgeons and recommended that we take her to Dr. Dailey, a surgeon at Froedtert who specializes in hands.  We took her for an exam and he was very optimistic about the possibility of surgery for Lydia.  She has bones in all her fingers and even though they are not fully developed, with separation she will be able to use her right hand more like "normal". 

It took a very long time to get the surgery scheduled, but we finally got word that it would be able to be done on Friday, November 16th.  Now that day is almost here. 

We have Lydia's special bear and blanket packed as well as her headphones and the I-Pod with her new favorite song - Zacchaeus.  She got some special gifts from her grandmas as well as a bag of surprises from my Moms By Design small group.  She is very excited to watch her new movie and eat her snacks.  She already started playing with the toys and wearing the hat that she got from them.

We've talked to her about the surgery, but since she hasn't ever experienced anything like it, she isn't really sure what I'm talking about.  When we were talking about it the only thing that Lydia was worried about was if the doctor was going to give her shots. : )

Please pray for her and us as she has surgery tomorrow.  The surgeon was not sure if he would be able to fix her hand in one surgery or if it will take two surgeries.  Pray that he will be able to take care of her hand in one surgery.  Also pray that there will be enough skin to use on her fingers, so she won't need a skin graft.  Please pray that Lydia's pain will be minimal throughout the healing process.
I will post more tomorrow as we have more details about the surgery.

Here are some pictures...Lydia was having fun taking pictures last night. : ) 

I made a plate with Lydia's "old" handprints.

Having fun with her presents!