Saturday, March 24, 2012

Travel Approval

Sorry it's been two weeks since I wrote on my blog.  Last Friday we got our travel approval, but we didn't have our travel dates confirmed, so I thought I would wait until we got them.

On Monday, we were told that we would travel on Wednesday, April 4th.  We had airline tickets that were being purchased for us to leave from Milwaukee to travel to Beijing with a stop in Chicago.  On Wednesday, though, our agency contacted us.  Apparently the province that Shen Yao is from processes paperwork prior to our arrival.  That means that we do not need to be in China as long as most adoptive families do.  We were given the option of leaving on Saturday the 7th instead, without a change to our "Gotcha" day.  Since Friday, April 6th is the first day of my spring break, I was very happy to find out that I would be able to teach my class until spring break started. 

We decided that we would leave on Friday, April 6th, so that we would have a little bit of time to get used to the time zone before we get Shen Yao.  The change of travel dates also allows us a visit to another city.  We will be flying into Shanghai rather than Beijing, so we'll be able to experience that city for one day.  From Shanghai we will fly to Hebei Province, where Shen Yao was born and lives.  In the afternoon of Monday, April 9th, we will finally have our daughter in our arms.  We also travel to Beijing and Guangzhou before traveling home on Thursday, April 19th. 

We are still waiting for more information about what we will be doing and when we'll be doing it.  When we find out I'll post more.  Be sure to keep checking our blog.  Once we get to China, we'll try to update it with pictures and information for you to keep updated. 

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