Sunday, April 15, 2012

Museum + 2 year old = ???

So...this morning our facilitator took us to a folk arts museum.  While this would be an interesting trip and there were many beautiful things to look at, it was not Lydia's favorite place.  Lydia either likes to be held or she likes to walk around and touch things.  It was so hot today that she didn't want me to hold her.  She wanted to walk around, but as you might guess, there were too many breakable things at her level.  I tried to carry her, but she was so sweaty and hot that she didn't want to be in my arms.  To complicate things, there were artists there doing work for people to buy.  Of course this art work - scrolls, fans, paintings, etc. were very high quality and we wanted to get some.  Lydia was flailing in my arms while I was trying to look around.  I had to let Brian choose the things he thought were best for us to buy.  Our facilitator was so excited about looking around at things, and the artwork was very beautiful, but I was very glad to be done at the museum. : )
After our museum visit we went to the pearl and jade market.  We got some nice things there.  It was in a mall that was full of jewelry shops.  While they were stringing the pearls, Lydia walked around and picked up trash.  She kept handing it to people to throw away!  Then she started finding pearls on the ground and bringing them to the workers.  She charmed them so much that when we left they gave her a pearl bracelet (made of uneven pearls).
We went to a noodle restaurant for lunch.  Our guide told Lydia we were going there and she was pretty excited.  Once we got there though, she wanted the dumplings more than the noodles.  We couldn't believe it.  She only ate 2 bites of noodles!!!  I guess that we found something she likes more than noodles. : )
It was quite late when we got home, so we put Lydia right down for a nap.  She was so sleepy and didn't want to wake up.  We took some time to organize all the things we bought yesterday, so we would know what we still needed to get at the shops.  After Lydia finally woke up, we headed back to Shamian Island to buy what we needed.  We got a lot of stuff at one of the shops and visited a few others.  We ran out of Chinese Yuan and so we started dealing in US dollars. : )  They are just as happy to take that!!!
We ate McDonald's for supper which is right next to our hotel.  Lydia wasn't so sure about hamburgers and French fries tonight.  She did eat a little bit of French fries finally. 
When we got back to our room, we let her stay up, since it really hasn't been that long since she woke up from her nap.  She's been playing with a beach ball and reading "Good Night, God" over and over again with Baba.  She doesn't let him hold her yet, but he's ok for reading, feeding, kissing booboos, etc.  I think she's getting tired...she gets really silly when she's tired and she's acting really silly.  I better go get her in the bathtub. : )
Living Hope Adoption Group in front of the Folk Arts Museum

Finger painting artist

Lydia before the museum


  1. Wow!! Lydia has one of her Gma's traits...getting silly when tired! The genes get passed on by our great God even to those He knows will be our children! I can only laugh when I see you with flailing child in such a museum!! And having a language barrier the words look with your eyes and not with your hands do not mean much! Praying you all sleep good tonight and TB test results will be an answer to our prayer! Love to you all. Mom

  2. Sounds like an adventure! ;-) What a cute little dress she is wearing.