Saturday, April 7, 2012

One Night in Shanghai!

The view from our hotel

Well, we got to downtown Shanghai yesterday at about 5pm.  Since it was Saturday, it was quite busy.  We were planning to got to the Yuyuan Gardens, but by the time we got there, it was closed.  Instead we just walked around the area and looked in shops.  Brian is in front of a tea house here, just outside of the gardens.  We were really hungry by the time we got downtown.  There were Pizza Huts, McDonald's, Dairy Queen and even Starbucks, but we decided to go with the crowd and have steamed dumplings.  The line for the steamed dumplings at one shop was about 30 minutes long, so we decided they must be the best.  They were really good.  Tasted like they had some kind of sausage in the center. 
We got back to our hotel at about 8pm and took a shower and crashed into bed.  I really didn't sleep at all the two days before we left and neither of us got much sleep on the 14 hour plane ride, so we fell asleep right away.  We woke up around 5am here and laid in bed for a while.  We got up around 7am and ate breakfast in the hotel - Western style. : )  But we did both try some "Chinese" breakfast food from the buffet.  Brian's ribs were tastier than my pumpkin porridge!
We are on our way to the other airport in Shanghai now.  At least we just have to get on one train and take it all the way to the end.  We took way too much luggage.  Hopefully we actually use all the stuff we brought!!!
I let you know when we get to Shijiazhung, Hebei this afternoon.


  1. Been checking off and on today for pictures. Wow! There are buildings as far as you can see! Sorry you did not get to see much. Dad thought you had a shuttle from the airport instead of the Metro. He knew you did not want to take luggage on it! Hopefully life will be easier when you have a guide helping! We are praying!! Mom

  2. Forgot...Brian...the Brewers would be proud!! Should send a pic to them showing where the Brewers go!!

  3. The shirt worked, the Brewers beat the Cards today!
    Did you get to drive on the big looping bridges? I saw them in pictures of Shanghai, looked cool. The huge TV tower is pretty sweet there too. One of the tallest structures in the world!

    1. Didn't do any driving or riding on the roads. It was difficult enough crossing the street. We did see the TV tower. It was really cool lit up at night, but it was taking so long to upload pictures that I skipped putting that on here.