Friday, April 13, 2012

Video - this may take a while to download : )

At the Beijing Airport with Lisa, our guide who also works at the Living Hope Orphanage.
Okay, just a short post today, it's almost 11pm here.  We thought we would have a nice leisurely day, but there were other plans for us!  We left our hotel at 8am to make our 11am flight to Guangzhou, the city where the American Consulate is located.  We boarded the plane on time.  There were thunderstorms in Guangzhou, so we were delayed...FOR SIX HOURS!!!  The whole time we were sitting on the plane at the airport.  We had two meals on the plane and finally made it to Guangzhou at 7:30ish.  We were supposed to have arrived at 2:30pm.  Needless to say, we are all ready for bed.  Tomorrow we should have a little more time to relax.  We are going for Lydia's medical exam and TB test.  We have to leave at 8:40am, which is seeming very close right now.
Thanks to everyone for your comments on the blog and Facebook.  Sorry we haven't had time to comment back, but we really appreciate the encouragement. : ) 
Talk to you tomorrow.
P.S.  The video is of Lydia cleaning.  She is obsessed with cleaning and decided that the seat belt was a good cleaning cloth.  Her cleaning solution of choice...spit!!! : )

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  1. Wow E...a child obsessed with cleaning!! What more could you and Brian want???!!! I won't have anything to do when I come anymore!! She and I will have lots of fun getting chores done! Hopefully this will be a lasting trait!!! I can only hope!! You had quite the day. We are praying for you. Will pray all goes well with the medical exam and TB Test!! Sleep good. By the way...does she talk? Is she learning any English besides "cow"? Love to you all. Mom