Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Touring some of China's most famous places

Lydia at hotel waiting for Bill to return with the red book.
 AFVC's newest model at the great wall
 The wall of greatness
 Family photo at the forbidden city
 Bling!! the empress is here

Nooooodles!!! messy and tasty

Erica was going to blog after I downloaded the pictures, but she fell asleep after putting Lydia to bed.  She will catch you up later (she does not trust me with the keyboard) but what she does not know while she is sleeping is none of my concern.  It has been amazing to see how God is working in the lives of the three of us.  Thank you to all of you who have been praying.  We appreciate the notes of encouragement sent our way as well.  Today we went to the great wall and forbidden city.  I had 130 photos to choose from today.  I may not have chosen the best, but these are representative of our day.  China is a amazing place. 

Lydia loves noodles, and I think she could eat them for every meal.  Kung Fu Panda be warned.  I never knew that noodles were so popular in China (and so messy).  As the photo will attest to.  Fortunately the family we are traveling with had some bibs, or we would have had a mess.   

While we were between touring places Lydia fell asleep in the van and had a great nap.  I was such a blessing because it was the first time since we got her that she woke up without us having to wake her up because we had something to do.  I say that to get to a point.  After we ate tonight Lydia had a good amount of sleep and just the right amount of noodles apparently because she was so happy with such a big smile.  It was so fun to watch her.  She is really bonding with Erica, and we are so thankful for that.  She hardly lets Erica put her down which is a mixed blessing.  It really shows the bonding, but Erica was not built as a pack mule, as some of you may know.  The look she gives Erica when Erica puts her down to do something is priceless though.  Her big brown eyes will get her places some day.

On a side note we also succumbed to our daughter's begging for the first time today.  She has never asked for anything until at the great wall she saw a bead bracelet, and kept reaching for it.  I succumbed and spent the 3 dollars for it.  She loves the bracelet and any other type of bling we can provide.  She especially likes hair things.  See photo of empress Lydia.  Some of her choicest little friends may also be the empress when we get home.  Also for any Aunts that wanted to get Erica back for giving soda to their kids.  It is too late.  The Coke at lunch was a big hit and fortunately we are not worried about the energy level she has.  She is always very subdued (for now.  I expect that to change soon.)  The other couple we met today and that was touring with us has a little boy that has more energy than any of my nephews.  Possible all of them put together.  I know that is hard for those of you that know them, but it is true.

I guess I will go to bed.  Tomorrow you can all post about how much better Erica does at this so she is not tempted to let me do this again.  Any spelling errors can be attested to genetics (Lydia will not have that excuse fortunately). 


  1. Oh Brian....I LOVED that you posted!! What fun to have your pictures and your perspective!! I love the Audrey Hepburn in her! The sun RX is perfect! And as far as "the look" - her mommy used that on her daddy way too much! So she gets her "due"!!! I also love that you gave into begging! Is this the same Brian who had a nephew sitting forever at the table!? I love it! I love it! I love it!!! I want more of this! You are giving us laughs!! Thanks! Mom

  2. She was not begging just pointing, and it was the first time she ever asked for anything so I think it was justifiable. For the record Erica tried the look on me when we were dating and it did not work for her, so I do not think it will work for Lydia (too much).

  3. I loved reading this Dad's perspective. That Lydia is very very cute. I think she will be getting her way a lot:)

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